Terms and Conditions


By ordering online or over the phone you confirm that you agree to these Terms governing such purchases. These terms may be amended from time to time without notice. Please read them before taking an offer from Redefine IT Online.

Prices and Delivery Charges
Prices, delivery charges and payment will be as specified in the Redefine IT Store, as determined when ordering online or over the phone. If applicable, Redefine IT Online will list delivery charges as a separate line item on its invoices. Redefine IT Online reserves the right to change prices published on the Redefine IT Online Store prior to acceptance of that order by Redefine IT Online. Where there has been a typographical or other error in the price, Redefine IT has the right to correct the price at any time prior to delivery. Redefine IT will notify you of the corrected price. You may choose to pay the corrected price, however if you do not choose to pay the corrected price, then HP may cancel your order and will issue a refund or credit to your account, if you have already paid.

Orders & Order Cancellation
All orders are subject to acceptance by Redefine IT Online. Redefine IT Online will provide you with an order acceptance or rejection notice as soon as reasonably possible. Once Redefine IT Online has accepted your order, it is final and binding upon you.

Redefine IT Online has the right to cancel any accepted order prior to delivery in the event of any pricing error (as referred to above) or any material error outside of Redefine IT Online’s control in connection with your order or other conditions relevant for your order, or if any further verification of your credit conditions or records so warrants.

Payment for products is due prior to delivery of the product. We can only ship your products once payment has been received into our bank account. Unfortunately providing us with a POP is not sufficient. Payment for services is due prior to return of the serviced goods to you. Payment for services is due upon receipt of invoice. Where you make your purchase relying on credit provided by a third party, any acceptance by Redefine IT Online is subject to that third party providing credit to you. Redefine IT Online is not bound to complete the order and has no liability to you in the event that that third party fails to provide sufficient credit for the purchase.

EFT Payments should be made to:

Redefine IT Online
First National Bank
Account Number: 626 476 802 23
Branch Code: 250 742
Account Type: Business Cheque Account

All Equipment sold on Redefine IT Online carry their full manufacturer’s warranty as stipulated by the official South African distributor, unless otherwise stated. Products under warranty are sent to the relevant supplier representative or manufacturer for repair or replacement.