Huawei E5577C 4G Mobile Router

Huawei E5577C 4G Mobile Router

Huawei E5577C 4G Mobile Router

With LTE Category 4 technology, Huawei E5577 could achieve downlink speed to 150mbps and uplink speed to 50Mbps. When LTE network is not available, it can switch to 3G UMTS or 2G GSM networks. On 3G network, the peak download speed could reach 43.2Mbps. The E5577 could support WLAN 802.11b/g/n with dual-band. If you are located at areas with weak signal, it would be necessary to use the external antenna to improve the signal so that get better surfing experience.

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Mobile Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi) routers offer a convenient and flexible way to connect to the Internet for online working, learning, or entertainment.

With these portable routers, you can wirelessly connect your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to the Internet using mobile data on a SIM card

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